More Than Just A Shirt

Stop by the shop and you might get to meet Piper and Lulu.   Piper is a Blue Heeler and Lulu is our Lemon Beagle.  Lulu is top dog in our family but Piper definitely keeps her on her toes!  These girls like to chase rabbits and can run way faster than I can.

One of our customers' favorite shirts at the shop is our Pets Are People Too line, but around here that more than just a saying on a T-Shirt.  Our dogs are family and they help keep us grounded.  If you see us at a photo shoot or catch the girls at the shop, stop by and say hi.  They love for people to dote on them and they know they really rule our roost (don't let my kids know that though)!

All My Love,


Allison Crane