My Favorite Day of the Week

Delivery Day is my favorite day of the week!  The fact that it can be any day or every day makes it even more awesome - the speed and action of buying and selling keeps me busy but man do I love it - but getting those new packages and ripping them open is like my own personal Christmas!  I usually have to at least try something on or pick out a new piece of jewelry whenever shipments come in so if you see my delivery guys (Joe, Chris, Mr. B - I love you guys!) you better bet I am having a great day!

One of my favorite shirts is this Good hYOUman shirt I got last year.  It says "Give This World Everything You've Got" and it is a philosophy we live by here at Fox Trot.  We want to do everything we can to make your visit to our little corner of the world as perfect as it can be and we hope you leave feeling like you made a new friend and just made the perfect purchase!

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All My Love,


Allison Crane