That's Jenni With an "i"

Who does that?  I mean really, who does that anymore?  No, not spell it with an "i", but sticks with you for life.  This is my Jen, my best friend since kindergarten.  Through all of life's ups and downs, moving away, then farther away and now back home, my Jeni has always been there for me and is better than the best sister a girl could ever hope for.  She is an aunt to my kids, a clown with my husband and the shoulder I lean on when I need someone to pitch in.

Sometime she fills in at the shop, or you might find us getting into trouble at George's, but when you see us don't be shy!  We know how to get the party started if you ever need a hand.   Most likely if you don't see her at the U of A or me at my shop, we are at the AMP taking in the awesome lineup of concerts that this summer has in store.

Here's to Jenni!

All My Love,


Allison Crane