When Work Follows You Home

When you run a shop like mine, sometimes you have to find extra time to get stuff done that slipped away during the day.  With three kids at home that are all in some sort of after school activity, it might not be until they are all home and in bed until I can try to catch up.  Why should they be the only ones who get to snuggle up with a comfy blanket?

This is my version of a home office.  My husband keeps his office upstairs but I hate going up there.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, I just don't like being tucked away from everyone and everything.  I guess being Mom I am used to being in the middle of everything - my command center - so I just kind of naturally assumed the con here in my favorite spot on the couch.  Lulu and Piper usually snuggle up and help keep me warm!

All My Love,


Allison Crane