Permanent Jewelry Appointment + Deposit


No need to book a party!  Schedule an appointment with us at your convenience.  We love small groups, and we take walk-ins when staffing allows us to!  Permanent Jewelry, aka "infinity bracelets" and "forever jewelry" is a custom fit bracelet, necklace or ring that is welded together while you are wearing it.  Since there is no clasp, removal is only possible by cutting the metal.  Appointments require a $25 deposit which will be applied to your final purchase. If you miss your appointment the $25 deposit is non refundable.

Prices for Gold-filled and Sterling Silver are $55 per bracelet, and $75 for anklets. Solid Gold options start at $90 and go up to $155. Prices are based on the current market price for gold. 

The chain options rotate based on availability, but we usually carry 14K and 10K gold  cable link, paper-clip, figaro, and rope. Gold filled and Sterling silver are available in a variety of styles including paperclip, cable, box, satellite, curb, figaro and more. If there is a specific style you want, we can work together to get that ordered in a timely manner.