Wow what a year!   Just a couple of days until Christmas and we are so excited to get this year over with and celebrate the best time of year with our family!  But if you are like us, this year there is a great chance that something(s) is(are) missing.

We have presents that we ordered almost A MONTH ago online, and STILL don't even have any clue of when they will arrive!   Luckily, the things we have shipped from the shop have *ALMOST* all made it to their new homes.  If you find yourself scrambling for a last minute gift, through no fault of your own [ok we know there are some procrastinators too], then lest us help!

Whether it is a digital gift card to send to someone far away, something you drop by to pick up from the store, or something you need delivered LOCALLY in or around Fayetteville (sorry FedEx), we have you covered.  Shop online, in store or give us a call and we will hook you up with a great last minute gift!

Allison Crane