People listen to you and do what you say, so make some money doing it!

Fox Trot works with local and national social media influencers to promote our brand and our products.  As an Influencer, you will have a minimum of 10,000 verifiable followers/subscribers with active engagement.   The more outlets you use the better, and you will have creative control over your content.  You will be given up to $1200 per year in gift certificates for our products, that you can use yourself or give to your fans.     Complete details will be given to applicants after verification of your stats. We give preference to Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Facebook followers.

Influencers use the #shopthefox tag and will tag @foxtrotboutique in each of your posts about our brand. Posting pictures, articles, reviews or stories about the products you purchased or your giveaway is required. If you are not yet a 10k influencer but want to catch our attention as you build your audience, we encourage you to #shopthefox too!

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